To prevent child abuse and strengthen families.

ABOUT FAMILY & CHILDREN’S COUNCIL                                                        Chronological History 2012

Family & Children’s Council (FCC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent child abuse and strengthen families.  FCC works towards its mission through prevention education programs in the schools, parent education, and support for families and training for professionals and community members.  For a list of whom is currently volunteering as a Board of Director please follow the link: Board of Directors 2012-2013 – for website.

Consisting of program volunteers, local leaders, Exchange Club members and human service professionals, FCC has proudly served the Black Hawk County community for over 25 years.  All programs and services provided by Family & Children’s Council are free to participants.

Wish List

Family & Children’s Council relies on support from the Cedar Valley.  If you would like to donate cash or items to impact our participants and programming, please consider items on the wish list!

Annual Financial Review

Family & Children’s Council completes an annual review of its finances through Carney, Alexander and Marold CPA’s. If you would like to read the review it is available in our office during normal office hours or by following this link: 2012 Financial Statements.

Family & Children’s Council’s 2011 990 is complete and has been submitted with IRS.  You may follow this link to review a PDF version of the 2011 990.   All 990’s are public records available through www.irs.gov, however we realize it can be a daunting task to search for the correct 990 to review.

Whats Where in Parenting

For year’s this agency has been known to have an annual publication on resources available to support parenting families.   By collecting information on all programs offered in the Cedar Valley we were able to describe the programs, list important information on fees, services and contact information and organize it into a reliable resource.   Unfortunately, due to the lack of continued funding, this publication is no longer available.   Here is our most recent publication: WWIP May 2013 revision.   www.211.org  is another resource operated by the United Way.  This site may be helpful in your continued search for resources.

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