Family & Children’s Council offers a variety of programming to meet the needs of today’s growing families.

Baby Safety Project is a collaborative response to providing safety equipment to families in needs.  Referrals for car seats, baby gates, pack-n-plays, outlet covers, infant carriers, appliance covers, safety latches and other equipment to prevent an injury can be made to Jill Smith by calling 234-7600.  Items are provided to families in need from referring agencies or programs providing education to families on child development, parenting, baby proofing or other related services.   Items are not promised, but provided based on need and availability.

24:7 Dad’s  24:7 Dads program informs, educates, inspires and motivates men to make highly appropriate relational and parental decisions by teaching men how to be exceptional fathers and a good parenting partner.

Parent Connection Parent Connection helps parents by providing education, support and access to community resources, who may be experiencing a difficult time in their lives. We reach out to parents through home visitations and group support that focuses on strengthening the family and parenting skills.

Partners for Parenting Families The purpose of the Partners for Parenting Families is to have one point of contact for home based and parenting services for families with pregnant women and/or  children through age 5 living in Black  Hawk County.

Take Charge of Your Body program specializes in teaching preschoolers thru 6th grade children safety concepts and prevention techniques against sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is using tricks or force to touch, look at, or make sexual contact and is usually done by someone you already know.

Stewards of Children Stewards of Children is an evidenced based sexual abuse prevention program.  This is a presentation based program geared towards professionals, parents and others in the helping profession to learn about child sexual abuse and how to respond appropriately on a civilian level.  You can find out more about this program by searching Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children

Wise Guys The wise Guys Program is an award-winning  adolescent pregnancy program committed to helping teens develop healthy relationships by teaching practical decision making skills.

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