Get Involved!

Volunteers are welcome! 

Family & Children’s Council relies on volunteers to serve in a variety of capacities within the agency.

  • Committee volunteers provide advice, event planning, idea generating and get involved.  Contact Shelly Smith at 234-7600 to learn more.
  • Event volunteers serve as a helping hand at the Trivia Night, Auction, Gift Wrapping and other events designed to raise awareness and funds to support programming.  Contact Shelly Smith to learn more.
  • Take Charge of Your Body needs volunteers to present sexual abuse prevention curriculum in the elementary classroom.   TCOYB invests 25 hours of training in it’s volunteers and asks an additional commitment of time.  Contact Glenda Husome at 234-7600 to schedule your training.

Want more information?

Follow this link to safely share your e-mail address for future updates! 

Please contact the office at 234-7600 to share how you are able to help!

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